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SIBUR International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; in

SIBUR International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd;
SIBUR is a uniquely positioned vertically integrated gas processing and petrochemicals company. SIBUR owns and operates Russiaís largest gas processing business in terms of associated petroleum gas processing volumes, and is a leader in the Russian petrochemicals industry. SIBUR operates 26 production sites located all over Russia, has over 1,500 large customers engaged in the energy, chemical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, construction and other industries. SIBURís export sales are around 43%. SIBUR International GmbH operates as SIBURís exports division responsible for supplying the holding companyís products to Europe and Asia. The company has storage facilities in Black, Baltic and East China Sea ports which it uses to receive, hold and unload products. SIBUR International ships petrochemical products to 60 countries.

SIBUR International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd;

Contact : Igor Sheh
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