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Lehigh Technologies Inc in

Lehigh Technologies Inc
Lehigh Technologies is a green materials company that is helping solve the important environmental problem of end-of-life tires. We turn this problem into a technological, sustainable solution that is used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications, such as high performance tires, consumer goods, construction materials, and more. This 3rd-generation technology, called Micronized Rubber Powder (MRP), is versatile, durable, technically advanced, and made in an environmentally-friendly way. We help our customers succeed with green because our MRPs deliver performance, lower costs, are clean, environmentally safe, and increase the sustainability factor of our customers’ products. Lehigh’s commitment to helping solve the environmental challenge of tire waste material was recently acknowledged by The World Economic Forum, naming the company a 2010 Technology Pioneer. This annual award is given to companies involved in the development of life-changing technology that has the potential for long-term impact on business and society. Lehigh Technologies’ PolyDyne™ and MicroDyne™ lines of sustainable, micronized rubber powders (400 microns to 50 microns) are produced through a cryogenic turbo mill - an innovative, patented cryogenic process that is unique in the industry. Due to its high quality, and micron scale, Lehigh’s MRPs are versatile, going into a number of applications. Lehigh’s customers include the largest tire companies in the world, leading flooring manufacturers, and companies at the forefront in the construction materials, modular flooring, and coatings segments – just to name a few. What’s different about Lehigh Technologies is our Application & Development Center. Lehigh’s ADC is staffed with a team of experienced industry professionals and scientists. In addition, Lehigh’s testing and analysis capabilities are similar to those of its customers, allowing Lehigh to effectively collaborate with customers in order to help them bring green products to market faster. To learn more about the ADC click here.

Lehigh Technologies Inc
Tucker Georgia

Contact : Kedar Murthy
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