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EPDM Coatings in

EPDM Coatings
EPDM Coatings
Fix Roof Leaks with The ONLY liquid EPDM rubber in the world. Made in the U.S.A. and now in its 26th year of success liquid EPDM rubber has been the product of choice for roof coating projects.

Since it is a one coat application our clients save time and money vs. other multiple coat systems on the market. It has all the product features that are required in a coating all wrapped up in one.

  • High UV and ozone resistance
  • Waterproofs instantly on application
  • Withstand ponding water immediately and 365 days a year
  • Built in Mildewcide and fungicide
  • Withstand extreme temperatures and extreme temperature swings
  • Only needs to be applied at a thin mil avoiding adding unnecessary weight to your roof

    The liquid epdm rubber has proven in testing to outlast any acrylic, urethane and elastomerics 4 times. Also with other roof coatings many require not just two but three coats which triples your material cost and your labor time. Add less weight to your roof with a one coat system that has proven itself time and time over. Here is a sample of some of our larger clients who have put their trust in Liquid EPDM rubber.

  • JFK Airport
  • New England Patriots Stadium
  • Courtyard-Marriott
  • Dow Chemical Corp
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Embassy Suites
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • New York City Transportation Department
  • Holiday Inn
  • U.S. Arm

    Application of Liquid Rubber is easy you just need to have a clean and perfectly dry area. Another distinguishing characteristic to the liquid EPDM rubber is that it doesn’t just prolong your roof; you are essentially getting a new roof for a fraction of the cost. An 18-20 year life expectancy is not unrealistic. Liquid Rubber is ideal to recoat existing roofs and add a significant number of years to the life of a roof.

    The following are recommended substrates to coat:
  • Various Metal Roofing systems
  • Galvanized Steel if it has been weathered
  • Aluminum if it has been weathered
  • Copper if it has been weathered
  • Stainless steel- But must first be sanded
  • Rubber roofing system
  • Concrete with the use of the ProFlex primer
  • Sprayed Urethane Foam
  • Wood applications but first need to be primed with our Pro Flex Primer
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic Sheet

    The following roof types would require the use of the ProFlex Primer.
  • Built up asphalt roofs
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Modified asphalt roll roofing
  • Hot Mop Roof

    EPDM Coatings
    Shelton Connecticut

    Contact : Greg Kezmerzak
    For Further Information,

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