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Rudolf Hirner Technical Products in

Rudolf Hirner Technical Products
We are a trading and manufacturing company in Austria and dealing with the production and distribution of dry lubricants with built-in wear protection by molybdenum disulphide. These dry lubricants are used in industries where problems may occur with the use of oil and grease, especially in dusty, wet environments and in areas with high temperatures. Even in areas, where, due to especially problematic circumstances, lubrication is not possible in the usual way, as in environments with gas in the atmosphere, our dry lubricants can be used, because they not contain oil- based components . Through the use of dry lubricant pressed to bar form (similar to the conductor pads in electrical motors) in a spring-loaded bracket (constant spring- load) or the use of dry lubricant in paste form (thixotropic suitable for centralized lubrication systems) we can significantly increase the lifespan of the components (e.g. up to three times with flanges !!!). Our dry lubricants do not contain mineral oil components and are environmentally friendly, there is no requirement by regulators to label them, and they are easy to use. The lubricant consumption is reduced up to 80% compared with the conventional loss lubrication with grease or oil, while at the same time increasing the service span of the facilities components. We would be glad to welcome you as our trading partner and remain with the best regards from Austria

Rudolf Hirner Technical Products
Weyer Upper Austria

Contact : Rudolf Hirner
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